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Inspired by those taking the risk to write personal essay and memoir, Natalie Watkins can be found engaged in the writing life full time. Her wide-ranging works include poetry, creative nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and children’s. Deeply intrigued by the stories of others and the possibility of literature to engender empathy, she serves as a publishing project manager for a nonprofit press, Oleb Books.

While her love of the world of words has been consistent, she has experienced multiple professional lives. Long ago, in a body far far away, she worked as a model. Years later, she traded in her stilettos for holiday sweaters and taught elementary school. At a critical juncture in her journey, she changed to corporate life in a sea of cubicles. Transitioning from the business world to stay at home parenthood, her culinary skills encompassed the finer points of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

A student of character, Natalie augmented her writing with graduate study in clinical mental health.

These various professional identities were born out of a need to pivot careers as her vision declined. All have informed her writing with a myriad of perspectives.

She leverages the miracle of modern assistive technology to create. Natalie is proud to call San Antonio home where the weather is smoldering and the margaritas frigid.

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